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Gio Mobili


June 2021
Branding Design Project: Luxury Furniture Elegance

- Develop branding guidelines and design assets to embody luxury and elegance in furniture collections.

Key Features:
- Brand Essence: Define core values reflecting luxury and elegance.
- Visual Identity: Establish logo, color palette, typography, and imagery guidelines.
- Design Elements: Create visual elements embodying luxury aesthetic.
- Tone of Voice: Define sophisticated language for communications.
- Product Presentation: Outline guidelines for marketing materials and retail environments.
- Brand Applications: Provide templates for digital platforms, print materials, and physical spaces.

Design Elements:
- Sophisticated Aesthetic: Reflect refinement and attention to detail.
- Premium Materials: Use high-quality materials in design assets.
- Elegant Typography: Select typefaces for sophistication and readability.
- Luxurious Color Palette: Curate opulent and versatile colors.
- Rich Imagery: Showcase furniture collections in aspirational settings.

Development Considerations:
- Comprehensive Guidelines: Compile guidelines for easy reference.
- Collaboration: Foster alignment between designers and stakeholders.
- Feedback and Iteration: Refine guidelines over time based on feedback.
- Training: Provide resources for adherence to brand standards.
- Brand Protection: Enforce brand usage guidelines to maintain integrity.

This project aims to define and communicate luxury and elegance across all brand touchpoints for the furniture collections.

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